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What’s NewS at THE PRACTICE?

We now have ImPACT testing available!

ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a computerized brain injury measurement tool for children and teens that have sustained a concussion.  This tool can help us determine when it is safe for a child or teen to return to school and sports after a head injury or concussion.

A baseline test is recommended for children 10 and older to provide a set of baseline results that can then be used to compare to post-injury (head trauma/concussion) results.

The ImPACT test takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete on a computer in our office.

While any child would benefit from ImPACT Testing, it is especially useful for children involved in athletics who may have a higher risk of head trauma, concussion or traumatic brain injury.

For more info: impacttest.com

Dr. Tanya's new book 'What To Feed Your Baby' is out now! Read all about it here


Watch Dr. Tanya talk about healthy kids diets on Good Day LA, Fox 11


GeneSight is a cheek swab test done in our office to collect cells that contain your DNA.  The results can help determine the best medications to use for a child or adult to treat disorders including ADHD, depression, anxiety, pain and folate/folic acid deficiency.

For more info: genesight.com

Cell Scope DIRECT

With an iphone attachment you are able to take a photo of your child’s eardrum and directy email Dr. Tanya to interpret the results.  This is useful for kids with ear pain or a child with a cold to determine if there is an ear infection.

For more info: cellscopeinc.com

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"Our main focus is on preventive health which includes educating our families about nutrition, sleep, school success and total wellness. Creating this kind of practice, where we have time to really do a great job working with our patients, is the key to successfully ensuring that our kids stay healthy and well and grow into strong, energetic adults. We hope you'll look to us to be your Calabasas Pediatrician" - Dr. Tanya Altmann

Labor and Delivery Classes

Our classes are designed for pregnant moms and their partners to understand labor and the birth process.  We also discuss medical interventions, C-section births, the postpartum period as well as teaching partners to better understand their role in supporting mom.

Breastfeeding and Baby Care Classes and Consultations

Breastfeeding and baby care classes to teach the advantages of breastfeeding, help prepare moms to understand breastfeeding positions and techniques and help teach baby care and calming techniques. 

One on one consultation offered both before and/or after baby is born in our office or the comfort of your own home.

Please call the office for dates and times.