Wondering about the kind of care that Dr. Tanya provides to her patients? 


  • It doesn’t matter how far away you are, Dr. Tanya takes care of her patients everywhere they are.

For example, she once spent several hours consulting with vaccine experts for a family returning from international travel with a child who needed a rare vaccine. Once she determined that the vaccine was truly needed, she sourced the vaccine and found a clinician to administer it to the child overseas.

  • It doesn’t matter where you are going, Dr. Tanya makes sure you are prepared.

For example, a family were traveling abroad to a controversial location, which prompted Dr. Tanya to consult with an internationally renowned infectious disease doctor and vaccine inventor to determine whether or not the entire family should receive a specific vaccine to help protect them against potential harm. 

Another family was traveling when their child got sick with fever and vomiting. They were about to take her to an ER in foreign country but Skyped with Dr. Tanya first. She had provided them with a ‘travel med bag’ before they went and it had everything they needed. A few brief instructions later and they were able to care for their child without going to an ER abroad. She kept in close touch via phone until the child was better and the family returned to the U.S. healthy and well.

 In addition to emergencies, Dr. Tanya routinely has phone and e-mail consultations with patients and parents while they are traveling both domestically and internationally, providing advice, virtual medical care and coordination with international and national specialists when needed.


  • Dr. Tanya does not give up and goes the extra distance to find the safest and most appropriate solutions to complicated cases.

For example, a child who had been diagnosed with seizures and had been put on anti-seizure medication joined Dr. Tanya’s practice. Not content to accept that was all that could be done, Dr. Tanya discussed the case with several pediatric neurologists and ultimately recommended lifestyle changes for attaining proper nutrition, sleep and stress reduction, while weaning the child off seizure medication.  After close and continuous monitoring, her patient is now “episode free” and without seizure medication.

  • Sometimes, you have to think to beyond conventional medicine. Dr. Tanya considers many avenues of care to create the best outcome.

For example, a teenage patient presented with fatigue, chronic neck and back pain and had been seen by a variety of specialists.  Dr. Tanya spent hours reviewing all the tests and chart notes, and discussed the case with specialists.  After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Tanya prescribed nutrition, sleep, and exercise changes, and referred the teen for acupuncture. The symptoms quickly resolved.


  • Well Visits
  • Sick Care
  • Home Visits
  • Telemedicine Visits
  • ​Nutritional Counseling
  • Lactation Consults
  • Immunizations
  • Travel Consults & Vaccines
  • Ear Piercing
  • ImPact
  • GeneSight
  • CellScope

  • Efficient Health Technology
  • Beautiful Fun Environment
  • Weekends and After Hours
  • Direct Access to your Doctor
  • Extended Appointments​

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  • Dr. Tanya believes in being there when you need her, for whatever those needs may be.

For example, Dr. Tanya routinely e-mails and phones teens and young adult patients to help them take control of their own medical care, helps them to navigate through the transition between pediatric patient and adult patient as they enter college, and teaches them preventive health and wellness so they miss less school and grow into healthy adults.

As part of her care, Dr. Tanya regularly spends hours reviewing past medical records, talking to specialists and creating personal health plans for patients and families, many of which address diet, nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise. Getting healthy and staying that way are the primary goals for her patients!


  • Dr. Tanya does house calls!

If you need her to come to you, she can. Typically for newborn visits, she often sees very sick kids at home too. A recent example, she made a weekend house call during a dangerous rainstorm to see a child with a cough and trouble breathing. She assessed her patient, treated her and the family did not have to venture out in the storm to an inconvenient ER or urgent care facility.


Dr. Tanya personally calls specialists before sending her patients to them to ensure that they understand her patient’s pertinent history ahead of time, to discuss if a visit is truly needed and to make sure that her patients can be seen right away without waiting, whenever possible.  All specialist care is followed up right after the visit and Dr. Tanya often does future follow up consults with specialists over the phone so that the patient does not need to drive distances for an appointment.

Ready to become a patient? Review our Care Levels here