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23480 Park Sorrento | Suite 109A | Calabasas | CA 91302​
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"Our main focus is on preventive health which includes educating our families about nutrition, sleep, school success and total wellness. Creating this kind of practice, where we have time to really do a great job working with our patients, is the key to successfully ensuring that our kids stay healthy and well and grow into strong, energetic adults. We hope you'll look to us to be your Calabasas Pediatrician" - Dr. Tanya Altmann


We are always striving to bring you the very best in pediatric care and are delighted to announce that we now offer Impact Testing, GeneSight and Cell Scope testing. 

Dr. Tanya is now offering confidential phone/e-mail consultations for child health and parenting issues such as nutrition, sleep, illnesses, potty training, school readiness, ADHD, referrals to top specialists and other questions and concerns.  Single sessions, packages or VIP concierge consultation services are available.  Please call 818-914-4429 or e-mail us directly at inquiry@calabasaspeds.com

We also offer Labor & Delivery, Baby Care  and Breastfeeding classes.  Want to know more? You can check out all the details here.

By creating an affordable concierge practice, we are able to provide levels of service not possible in today's insurance-based market.

A different kind of practice, our VIP, Extra Care and As-Needed affordable concierge services are personalized and efficient, delivering the level of care you want in the way that you want it. 

Options for pediatric care are often limited to seeing physicians and other providers in a busy, fast-paced medical office. Long waits, inconvenient appointment times and impersonal service are what you have come to expect. Until now. . .

A working mother and UCLA-trained pediatrician, Dr. Tanya Altmann is the only Calabasas Pediatrician you will want to see. Our services include home visit and appointments that are never rushed and always focused on your needs, whether at home or in our beautiful Calabasas office.

We also offer lactation consults, ear piercing and numerous resources to makes sure your family receives only the best care that we have to offer. You can read about what makes us so different here . . .